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If you are moving to Mexico, Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Saltillo, San Miguel, Puerto Vallarta or any other city in Mexico, and need an experienced and reliable international moving company in Mexico providing door to door high quality moving services, free quoting, English speaking, free in home inspections, expert Mexican customs clearance services without your being present at customs, having international moving company partners in The US and Canada then Moreno International is the answer. Long established for more than 40 years performing international moving in Mexico, we guarantee quality services. Contact us and compare. We are most happy to serve you.

What´s the price? How to pay less? How to choose an international moving company? What’s needed for customs clearance? Want to know? If you do then keep reading, and save money.

Receive friendly and experienced personal attention in English, no answering machines wasting your time. We provide expert information on Mexican customs clearance, because if you don´t your shipment will be detained at customs, losing what you paid for the move and even risking confiscation and extra expenses. At Moreno International we guide you step by step from beginning to end, and if any problem happens we are here in Mexico to help solve it, and this is a big advantage from booking your move in another country.

Don´t be misguided by low quotes that turn out to be very expensive. Don´t wait contact us! We´ll be most happy to serve you.

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Get your free quote to Mexico

Click on Quote Now blue square right beneath photo carrousel and then on International Move square. Fill in blanks with requested information and after choose either Quick Calculator or Itemized Calculator. If you are planning to ship more than 15 items we recommend the Quick one. Once we receive this information we´ll email you a ball park estimate for your move, and if you consider it within your budget we recommend one of surveyors visiting your home for a more reliable price.

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Before your International move

Plan your move ahead of time is our best international moving to Mexico advice.

Decide what items you want to ship, sell, give away, etc. A good selection will help decrease the price of your move.

Do not include in your move items prohibited by Mexican customs like foods, beverages, medicines, new items, etc. We´ll let you know if you are in doubt. Avoid stressful situations, delays, extra charges or the confiscation of your shipment.

On moving day place under lock and key passports, cash, jewelry, school documents, etc. to avoid being packed and shipped with your goods, having to wait until delivery time to recover them.

Ask Moreno International before moving day what documents you need for mexican customs clearance, about prohibited items, free price estimate, free in home inspections and book packing and pick up dates.

Mexican customs clearance made simple

Documents required for returning Mexican nationals and citizens from other countries are different.

All household goods shipments are inspected by customs upon entering Mexico

1) Documents required for individuals with nationality other tan Mexican

2) Documents required for Mexican nationals

What household goods are allowed to be imported and which are not

You can include tax free, used for more than six months, furniture and household goods for the exclusive use of one family. There has to be evidence of being used, like clothing, furniture, books, ornamental items, etc.

It is not allowed to include in your shipment new items or used ones with less than six months of use, items in original packing, live plants or animals, food and beverages of any type including water, firearms, ammunition, explosives, medicines, narcotics, counterfeit items, automobiles, motorcycles, motor boats or golf carts run by gasoline, cash, jewelry, machinery or items to set up shop or factory. If any question, please ask Moreno.

Automobiles and other motor vehicles

Returning Mexican nationals cannot import them under risk of being confiscated

Nationals with citizenship other than Mexican with temporary visas can import them temprarily by obtaining the corresponding permit. To do it requires being present at the port of entry and doing all paperwork themselves. Once this permit is obtained vehicle has to be driven inside Mexico by visa holder himself. Only one automobile is allowed per visa holder and permit duration usually is for the length of the visa. If any questions, please contact us.

Basics on Exporting your move from Mexico to other countries

Because requirements vary from country to country it is imposible to list them all here, so please ask us and we will be happy to assist you.

International Moving Step by Step

Once you book your move with Moreno International

Insuring Your Move

Probability of full loss is very low, but the possibility is always there, so it is recommended to insure all your goods before packing starts. To be fully protected all goods in shipment must be insured for how much it would cost to replace items in your country of destination. If shipment were partially insured or undervalued you will only be reimbursed proportionally for any loss or damage.

And keep in mind . . .

Moreno International is proud to provide high quality door to door moving services in Mexico, free quoting, qualified English speaking personnel, free in home inspections, expert Mexican customs clearance services without your being present at customs. Long established for more than 35 years Moreno International is the answer to your moving needs when international moving Mexico. Contact us and compare. We are most happy to serve you.

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